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Read and Recall papers faster using Key Insights

Quick-read a paper

Quickly get the gist of the paper and decide if the paper is worth investing more of your time.

Get to the key insights, faster

Are details of method or results important to you? Want to quickly know about novelty of approach? Jump into Detailed Insights view to focus on specifics of your need.

Expand your research

Select and find materials or all the literature in your projects, related to a specific statements. Smartly prioritize your reading list.

Comparing various aspects of the papers that I keep collecting is mind-boggling!!
paper no. 3....
Hmm...wish I knew what papers to read next that have related argument as in this paragraph.
paper no. 73....
I have read a similar experimental design somewhere. Gosh! I can’t remember where!!

Connect the dots as you read

Quickly narrow down on what to read next
RAx finds similar narratives (problem statement, argument, experiment, method, opinion, results, etc.) for the selected section across all your literature.
Connect and remember
RAx makes it easy to connect and remember what you read and why. Pin related sections together and add remarks to give more context to connections.

Connect the dots as you read

Insights and critiques during paper reading getting scattered?
Need to quickly compile a summary of all the papers read in the last two months. BUT, my notes have become cryptic, scattered … and untraceable!

Organized & structured literature critique

Improve critical analysis of literature
  • Question-Answer based Critique-Template improves your critical analysis while reading papers.
  • Capture your insights in a structured way and never lose the context. Customize the questions as per your needs
  • Organized & structured literature critique

    RAx critique template enables you to ...
    Have a more focused discussion with your advisor and team.
    Collate your insights easily and quickly find the gaps.
    Give context to your notes. No more “why did I scribble this?”
    Fill in the research gaps with your ideas ... all in one place.
    RAx brings together knowledge-acquisition and knowledge-creation in one place. Easily and effectively.
    Research and document in tandem
    Create unlimited drafts for your research questions, working-notes, experimental designs, approach outline and more.
    Explore resources while drafting
    While drafting explore research papers, wikis or blogs relevant to your work. Attach relevant links or documents with your draft and keep references organized.
    Protect your Intellectual Property
    Copyright your original work with the Creative Commons License.
    No easy way to find the right resources as per your current focus?
    I am not able to find useful papers related to the approach outlined in this paper. Searching across the web takes up a lot of time.
    I keep getting scholarly article alerts … but most of them are either irrelevant or not related to what I need NOW.
    Expand knowledge on-the-fly.
    RAx connects your reading, writing, and brainstorming behaviors with your information need using in-house advanced AI.
    Get things done faster with your team.
    Collaborative learning
    Share and discuss literature and drafts with your colleagues, experts, and advisors. Recommend useful resources and help each other with better understanding.
    Shared workspace
    Work in shared projects with ease and improve visibility among your lab.
    RAx Team plan enhances the research workflow and knowledge-transfer needed in your lab or study groups.
    Your research organized. Efficiently and effortlessly.
    RAx keeps you super organized and methodical without you making an effort to do so!
    What researchers are saying about RAx
    Assists you at every stage
    RAx is designed to assist you as your needs evolve through tightly integrated research stages.

    Introducing RAx Web Importer

  • Add useful content from Google Scholar and other websites to your research projects or attach them to specific papers.
  • Download RAx Web Importer
  • Privacy and security of your research data are integral to our mission.
    We understand the sensitivity of your research work and always strive to protect it.
    Privacy of your work
  • By default everything you add or create on RAx is private. It’s only visible to users you share it with.
  • Copyright your contribution
  • Put Creative Commons license on original drafts to protect your IP. For shared files, RAx always maintains a copy in case of deletion by collaborators or revoked access.
  • Security of your data
  • We use state-of-the-art security protocols and algorithms including MD5 Encryption, SSL, and HTTPS.
  • Give your research a boost
    RAx - Built for researchers by researchers