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Connect critical reading with on-the-fly exploration, ideation, and organization.
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Smarter resource exploration
RAx’s AI-powered research assistant saves time spent on the exploration of relevant resources and allows you to focus more on reading.
Ensure relevant knowledge gathering
Explore a plethora of research papers, survey papers, wikis, videos, and lectures relevant to your research topic or research question.

Explore related research resources faster

Generate summary for a quick scan
Quickly generate a summary of key sections of any paper with our summarizer.
Deciding what to read is easier
Make informed decisions about which papers are relevant, and where to invest the time in further reading.

Easily skim through a paper

Organize multiple projects
Organize your reading lists into different projects and maintain the context of your research.
Access your work easily
Quickly sort items into collections and tag or filter them according to keywords and color codes.

Organize your research effectively

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Collaborative learning
Share and discuss literature and drafts with your study group, colleagues, experts, and advisors. Recommend valuable resources and help each other for better understanding.
Shared workspace
Work in shared projects efficiently and improve visibility within your study group or lab members.
RAx Team plan enhances the research workflow and knowledge transfer needed in your lab or study groups.
Team Research Activity

Share and collaborate with your team

Privacy and security of your research data are integral to our mission.

Privacy of your work

Everything you add or create on RAx is private by default. It is visible only if and when you share it with other users.

Copyright your contribution

You can put Creative Commons license on original drafts to protect your IP. For shared files, RAx always maintains a copy in case of deletion by collaborators or revoked access.

Security of your data

We use state-of-the-art security protocols and algorithms including MD5 Encryption, SSL, and HTTPS to secure your data.

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