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What is RAx?

RAx is an AI-powered online research assistant that helps academic researchers to boost up their productivity by adapting to their evolving subjective needs throughout their research life-cycle. It does so in three ways:

  • Helps them to discover, understand, and review research-related resources
  • Helps them in easily connecting their newly developed insights with theirprevious reviews and current work-in-progress
  • Seamlessly disseminating and discussing their findings within the team.
What resources does RAx provide?

RAx continually indexes various research resources. Till now it has indexed 160+ million research paper abstracts, thousands of open-access full-text papers, millions of issues of 300+ top-quality research magazines and blogs and daily releases of 1000+ research-area related news sources, thousands of recordings of tier-1 conferences/workshops, and thousands of online lectures.

What if I am not an academic researcher? Is RAx for me?

Although RAx is specifically designed for academic researchers, much of that process is common to corporate research or independent research as well. Surely, you will get quite a lot out of it. Do let us know how we can improve things for you.

Why not just use Google, Google Scholar, or similar?

Google/Google Scholar works great when the information need of a researcher is a "theme", which she expresses as a bunch of keywords, and her implicit question is: "Give me a bunch of research papers that have something to do with this theme". However, that is a very specific use case. A researcher spends most of her research time on literature review, and that is where understanding, reviewing and connecting that with her previous insights and current work-in-progress is so very important. That would include providing the right set of resources (often going beyond research papers) that addresses the needs of the specific stage of research that the researcher is in currently, which is much more than just a "theme" query. A scholarly discovery engine is not designed to help in that.

Is RAx another research paper recommendation engine?

No. Recommending research paper is just one aspect of the various needs during a research life-cycle. Recommendation engines attempt to help you collect the right research papers, but are not designed to help you understand and review them, and then connect the reviews with your previous insights and current work-in-progress. Moreover, most of the times you would go beyond research papers and would want to check out a wiki article, or watch a lecture on a special topic, or read an easy-to-comprehend blog on an otherwise dense subject. Also, you would want to open a discussion thread around your reviews and team up with your advisor and labmates. That's what you get in RAx.

Why not use a reference manager like Mendeley?

Reference managers are reasonably good at organizing literature for future reference, and may also come with annotation (i.e. sticky notes) features, and sometimes research paper recommendations. However, as of now, none of them is a holistic Research Assistant that would assist you in not just collecting the right resources at the right stage of research, but also to help you in understanding and reviewing them by providing high-quality complimentary resources. Also, contemporary reference managers do not give you the support to document your critical thinking in a structured manner (using review templates), and then auto connect that with your past insights (reviews, notes, drafts, discoveries) together with your present work-in-progress. Finally, they do not adapt according to your evolving, highly-subjective, need for more research-stage specific resources (eg. publications on the similar approach, similar problem, etc.)

Why not use ResearchGate or Academia.edu?

RAx is not designed to help you network and socialize with the research community, for which you might want to look into ResearchGate/Academia.edu (or similar platforms). It is also not primarily meant to disseminate and showcase your "post-production" work to the open community. RAx is your personal research assistant that loves to keep working with you, enhancing your research productivity while you are busy at your desk or in your lab.

Do I have to start my project from scratch?

Absolutely not. We understand that much of your work is already in existing platforms such as Google Drive and Dropbox. RAx syncs perfectly with them, helping you to import your projects effortlessly. You can also upload your files from your computer.

Do I have to pay to use RAx?

RAx has a highly subsidized pricing for academia. We charge so that we can keep bringing more magic to the product. We promise it's never going to pinch you. You would most likely be spending 30 times more on your morning coffee in a month! :-). For more information please contact us.

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